In the final edition of what has been a fantastic year of us speaking to some of the true industry pioneers in the sector, Europe has faced some of its most stringent economic-, social- and political challenges during Brexit and we are still unaware how it will turn out. However, business within the sector has stayed strong and we prove this once again in the December/January edition. Our focus this month is “Business men on the move” and how battery-operated vehicles are becoming a huge influence on the daily commute.

What do we mean by “Competitiveness”?

A competitive business is one that performs better than the competition – ideally in a sustainable way rather than just over the short-term.
In order to be competitive, a business needs to have one or more competitive advantages.
Competitive advantages are those factors that enable a business to outperform the competition. For those advantages to work effectively, they need to be sustainable.

Gert La Roux



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